Online raffle details for Mark and Marian Hayes of StickerShock23!

Raffle ticket sales have ended!

Update as of April 14th, 2019!

As you know, #theLOCmafia is working with many of your favorite rocketry vendors and manufacturers to gather items for this online raffle.  We have received an overwhelming amount of support and have even passed our projected goal!

As many of you know by now, Marian Hayes of StickerShock23 is suffering from a very aggressive form of cancer, causing a huge difficulty for her and Mark.

Mark, still presses on to help out the rocketry community by continuing to create wonderful full print vinyl wraps and decals for our projects.  #theLOCmafia wants to help our fellow rocket brother and his family! Mark has been a huge contributor to the hobby for quite some time!

On this page, you can read into some of the Grand Prize packages that we have arranged!  More than just the Level 1, 2 and 3 packages for a grand prize, we have the HUGE runner up prizes that are being offered! Everyone who submitted a payment for an Online Raffle Ticket qualifies for these prizes as well!

Mark and Marian Hayes

The raffle started during the US daytime on April 2nd and ran till April 14th, Sunday morning ending at 12:01 am! Winners will be announced on April 17th on theLOCmafia Facebook page at 1800 PDT.

Below are some prize details!  Runner Up Prizes also listed below!

$20 per entry!

Level 3 Package

$ 20.00 Per Single Ticket Entry
  • Grand Prize! Level 3 Package
  • • LOC Precision 7.51” Goblin Rocket
  • • OneBadHawk 7/16” Tubular 30’ Kevlar 3 Loop Harness (Booster) & 3/8” Tubular 25’ Kevlar 2 Loop Harness (Upper)
  • • Fruity Chutes IFC-72 (Iris Ultra 72” Standard Parachute)
  • • SkyAngle CERT-3 Drogue
  • • MissleWorks RRC3 and RRC2+ Altimeters
  • • AeroTech DMS (75mm or 98mm) M motor - **Motor supplied is dependent on proof of previous certification level!
  • • StickerShock23 Decals
$15 per entry!

Level 2 Package

$ 15.00 Per Single Ticket Entry
  • Grand Prize! Level 2 Package
  • • UNRELEASED LOC Precision 5.5” Goblin Rocket
  • • OneBadHawk 3/8” Tubular 25’ Kevlar 2 Loop Harness
  • • Fruity Chutes CFC-48 (48” Elliptical Parachute)
  • • AeroTech DMS J, K or L Motor (Winner's Choice) **Motor supplied is dependent on proof of previous certification level!
  • • StickerShock23 Decals
$10 per entry!

Level 1 Package

$ 10.00 Per Single Ticket Entry
  • Grand Prize! Level 1 Package
  • • LOC Precision 4” Goblin Rocket
  • • OneBadHawk 1/4” Tubular 25’ kevlar 2 Loop Harness
  • • Fruity Chutes CFC-36 (36” Elliptical Parachute)
  • • Jolly Logic Chute Release
  • • AeroTech DMS H or I Motor (Winner's Choice) - ** Motor Supplied for NAR or Tripoli Level 1 HPR Certification
  • • StickerShock23 Decals

So... what is our plan?

As noted above, the raffle ENDED on 12:01 PDT Sunday, April 14th.  The winners will be announced on theLOCmafia Facebook page on Wednesday, April 17th in the evening.  We will also save the video and list the winners here on the website.  The vendors themselves or LOC Precision, as needed, will ship the items out to the winners.  More details on that to come.


Many vendors have jumped on board for this purpose.  We have vendors that have donated everything from rocket kits to different accessories, small and large! We would like to thank all the vendors that have currently donated prizes to raffle as well as any that may still be unannounced.

Vendors and additional prizes include the following:

• Boyce Aerospace - Redstone Builders Kit!
• Topflight Recovery - Various Parachutes / Accessories
• AMW - 5.5” AMW White Wolf Rocket Kit!
• AMW - 4" Diameter Der Red Max Clone!
• Nick Goodwin / Goodrox - Custom Wood Lathed Capsule and PreCut Fins for a 4" Mercury Redstone Rocket!
• Lab Rat Rocketry - Pull Pin Switch Kits with the "Remove Before Flight" Tags and Eggtimer mounting packages!
• Big Red Bee - 100mw 70cm BRB GPS/APRS transmitter
• Semroc/eRockets - Semroc MX Mars Lander #4!
• Madcow Rocketry - 4.5" Fiberglass Osprey
• Binder Design / Max Q Aerospace - Max Q Aerospace Art Series 54mm Fin Can
• RocketMan Parachutes - $50 Gift Certificates
• SMT Designs - $50 Gift Certificate
• Wilson F/X - Wilson F/X Single-Pad Wireless System


Other Vendors announcing prizes TBD include:

Southern Rocketry

THANK YOU from #theLOCmafia

It has been said from several people that knew about us putting this together, that the rocketry community has the best support for each other than any hobby can ask for.  The comradery between everyone is very unique!

The efforts here are NO exception!

Mafia is defined as "a closed group of people in a particular field, having a controlling influence"... that what we all are!

Once again... Thank You from the bottom of our hearts! Best wishes and blessing for Mark and Marian!


12 thoughts on “Many Thanks for your support!

  1. Hi Everyone… let’s do Mark a favor and help out when the time comes! This is pretty exciting news! The prizes are amazing! Special thanks to all the vendors helping out with this! Many thanks to all of YOU who will participate with this!

  2. This is a wonderful opportunity to help Mark and Marian. Whether you collect a prize in the end is not important. Everyone who enters is a WINNER.

  3. Love both of you guys… Praying for you all and family…
    And Thanks to The LOC Mafia for doing this…

  4. Marian and Mark ,,thankyou for all you do,,Marian thinking of you allways in my prayers,,get well,,,,got some will get more.

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