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Lets talk about why this website exists.

We LOVE rocketry.  Model Rocketry, High Power Rocketry, Mid Power Rocketry, and general rocketry!  Most of us, as kids, had built good ol' Estes Kits for Model Rockets and some of us are still trying to get our children, family, and friends into Rocketry.

#theLOCmafia was created to share and promote rocketry.  We wanted to create this outlet to share our love of rocketry with YOU.  We are hoping our insight on the hobby will help you and your loved ones join us at some launches.

#theLOCmafia is basically a group of people that created this team as a result of LOC Precision working with us on new concepts, building techniques, and sharing ideas with us.  Yes, to answer your question, we are personal friends of Dave Barber and Jason T from LOC.

How we came up with the name.

After the summer of 2018, we all started this HUGE chat on Facebook Messenger.  We started to share projects we were all working on and talking crap with each other.  During this conversation, we started talking about old kits from LOC back in the day, while building new stuff we got from dealers or direct from LOC, and someone mentioned that we are a Mafia.

Yeah... its a bad play on words.  However, when you look at one of the definitions of Mafia, it can also mean this:

noun: "a closed group of people in a particular field, having a controlling influence"

When we read that, we knew we had to run with it... because that is exactly what we are.  A group of core friends, that work together and share ideas... for OUR mutual love, of Rocketry.

Anyway, what we plan to do with this site is to share stuff with you. New releases from LOC Precision, launch events that we attend, partner promotions we have with vendors and dealers, and build/how to pages showing our personal proven techniques.

We want you to look at our site as an addendum to everything you already know or have taught someone.  Hopefully, we can help you get someone else into this hobby which THRIVES on its loyalty from patrons.

Welcome! Stay a while, and feel free to message us or contribute here on the site or one of our many social media outlets! We invite you to keep checking back as we plan on having tons of updates and fun things for you to enjoy!

Here are some things this site will include!

The NEW LOC Precision Saturn V

Product Previews

This site will show you exciting previews, sneak peeks, and new releases! Imagine a company giving you the inside scoop publically.  For #theLOCmafia, you'll know before the industry!

More to come!

Our Building Tips

There are TONS of resources outside of LOC Precision for tips and tricks on building rockets.  In this section, see how WE at LOC do it.  We will also share other individuals methods and how they build their own LOC rockets!

More to come!

WE are #theLOCmafia

We are going to include a complete member gallery including rockets build and flown by YOU, the customer and LOC Precision lover! You can share photos and stories NOW, by visiting our Facebook Page and including your builds, flights, and story on the Visitor Section!

Visit the Facebook page here!

Be a part of #theLOCmafia

#theLOCmafia is truly a mafia. Mafia is defined as "a closed group of people in a particular field, having a controlling influence"... that is what we all are!

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